Ans: Bing homepage quiz 12-05-2021

Bing homepage quiz 12-05-2021 A, B, or C? Test your knowledge with today’s Bing homepage quiz

At an annual event here in Salzburg, Austria, citizens are chased by Santa’s monstrous helper of lore. What’s its name?
A The Grinch
B Rudolph the Flesh-Eating Reindeer
C Krampus

The correct answer is Krampus.

Belsnickel, another figure who punishes bad children, appears in the folklore of Germany and which US state?
A Pennsylvania
B Minnesota
C Kentucky

The correct answer is Pennsylvania.
According to Icelandic holiday tradition, the fearsome Yule Cat may eat you if you don’t…
A Eat your rotten shark meat
B Get new clothes for Christmas
C Carry a really big spray bottle
The correct answer is Get new clothes for Christmas.

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