Bing Homepage Quiz (9/24/2022)

Bing Homepage Quiz Answers (9/24/2022): 24 September 2022

1: Which town is the starting point for most visitors to Acadia National Park?
A Portland
B Bar Harbor
C Augusta
Bar Harbor is a small, scenic seaside town in an area known as Down East Maine. Located on Mount Desert Island, its proximity to Acadia makes it the perfect stopping-off point for visitors to the national park.
The correct answer is Bar Harbor.

2: Which state has the most national parks?
A California
B Alaska
C Utah
With nine national parks (if you count Death Valley, which California shares with Nevada), the Golden State wins, number-wise. Alaska is second, with eight. But in terms of area covered by national park lands, it’s not even close: Alaska has over 54 million acres of federally protected lands while California has just over 6 million.
The correct answer is California.

3: National Public Lands Day encourages what exactly?
A Volunteering
B Enjoying nature
C Both
Yes, both volunteering and enjoying nature are key activities of National Public Lands Day. We love to visit public lands, so that part is easy. But the observance also calls on us to volunteer for a project like helping with trail maintenance or planting trees to guarantee that future generations can enjoy these parks too.
The correct answer is Both.

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