Bing News Quiz (9-16-2022)

Bing Weekly News Quiz: Questions Answers (9-16-2022) 16 September 2022,

1: Malcolm X was inducted to the hall of fame for which state, where he was born Malcolm Little in 1925?
A North Carolina
B Nebraska
C New York
The correct answer is Nebraska.

2: Mourners were asked to stop leaving what sweet treat (a Paddington Bear fave) out in parks to honor the queen?
A Banoffee pies
B Marmalade sandwiches
C Strawberries and cream
The correct answer is Marmalade sandwiches.

3: Which Republican lawmaker introduced a federal bill to ban most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy?
A Lindsey Graham
B Lauren Boebert
C Ted Cruz
The correct answer is Lindsey Graham.

4: Kazakhstan is changing the name of its capital from Nur-Sultan back to…
A Abidjan
B Ankara
C Astana
The correct answer is Astana.

5: Virginia teen Ilia Malinin became the first figure skater to land what near-impossible move?
A Backward crossover
B Triple Lutz
C Quad Axel
The correct answer is Quad Axel.

6: Two planes full of Venezuelan refugees landed on Martha’s Vineyard after which state’s governor sent them there?
A Florida
B Texas
C Arizona
The correct answer is Florida.

7: Which country got its first Michelin guide as 13 of its foremost eateries were awarded a star?
A Canada
B Kazakhstan
C South Korea
The correct answer is Canada.

8: Mortgage rates topped what number for the first time since the 2008 crash?
A 5%
B 6%
C 7%
The correct answer is 6%.

9: What left LAPD officers bemused when it showed up uninvited to a cordoned-off crime scene?
A A poltergeist
B A talking parrot
C A food delivery robot
The correct answer is A food delivery robot.

10: The James Webb telescope took the clearest-ever photos of what famous celestial object 1,300 light years away?
A Orion Nebula
B Tannhäuser Gate
C Proxima Centauri
The correct answer is Orion Nebula.

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