[Solved] 1. Tom’s mother got angry with him because he (break) her favourite vase.2. I (watch) TV after I

1. Tom’s mother got angry with him because he (break) her favourite vase.2. I (watch) TV after I (do) all my homework last night.3. I (meet) them before I (meet) them at her last birthday party.4. She returned home because she suddenly remembered she (not, turn off) the gas stove.5. They said our city was the loveliest city they (ever, see) , so they liked it.6. It (rain) yesterday after it (be) dry for months.7. By the time he (arrive) , all his classmate (leave) .8. We didn’t have their new phone number because they (move) to the South.9. When they met again, they (not, see) each other for 10 years.10. When I came, the room was in a terrible mess because someone (break in) 11. We (just finish) dinner when they (came) .12. He (seldom travel) by bicycle before he (go) to Vietnam.13. Ann (go) to get the carpet for the room but someone (already take) it.14. (you, manage) to see the Director, or he (go) out by the time you (get) there?15. He (just get) home when you (phone) . He (be) in New York.16. In the last hundred years, travelling (become) much easier and more comfortable.17. Sophia and Isabella (not, finish) their power point presentation on African animals yet.18. By the time he (arrive) at the station, his train (already leave) 19. This is the first time I (eat) vegetable soup.20. (he, work) in this company for fifteen years?21. They (not talk) to each other since last week.22. Since John (leave) school, I (not hear) anything from him

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